Department Policies

The men and women of the Washougal Police Department strive to provide excellent service to the residents and visitors to our community. The character and responsibilities surrounding the law enforcement field requires all personnel to be given competent and consistent instruction. 

In an effort to be more transparent as well as educate the public, we are posting the policy manual for the Washougal Police Department online. As many of you know, we are in the process of pursuing accreditation and part of that process requires examining our policies and procedures and updating them where necessary to keep current with best practices. For example, we have changed our vascular neck restraint policy so that it may only be used when lethal force is justified.

This manual is designed to provide each member of the Washougal Police Department a working guide to follow in the performance of their duties. While sworn and non-sworn personnel are responsible for making discretionary decisions, we are all bound by law and professional standards. The policies, procedures, and rules set forth in this manual are a guide to the exercise of discretion and the execution of duty.

All personnel are required to be familiar with the directives in this manual, and when necessary, seek guidance and clarification from a supervisor. Members are encouraged to submit recommendations for constructive changes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the service delivery of the Washougal Police Department. This manual will be updated as necessary to reflect changes in the law, personnel responsibilities, and Department goals and objectives.

We are looking forward to comments and questions as we continue to improve how we do policing in our City. Please submit them using the link below. 

Wendi Steinbronn, Chief of Police
City of Washougal