Report a Concern

In order to better serve you, please choose the category below that best matches your concern. Online submittals are not generally monitored after hours, holidays or weekends. The lists below are not exhaustive.

If this is an emergency, call 911. If this is a non-emergency requiring law enforcement, call 311.


All complaints regarding vehicles or trailers on a public city street must be reported to 311.

code compliance

Our office receives and investigates citizen complaints regarding potential violations of the Washougal Municipal Code. All complaints are received and investigated in a fair and impartial manner and all citizens can expect to be treated with integrity and respect.

Common violations include:

  • The accumulation of garbage, trash, junk, or other materials
  • Inoperable or unlicensed vehicles
  • Signs
  • Obstruction or encroachment within the public right-of-way
  • Overgrown vegetation and noxious weeds
  • Unpermitted work in protected areas
  • Abandoned property


Submit a Crime Report Online

If this is an Emergency please call 911 immediately. The Online Citizen Police Reporting System makes it easy to report most non-violent crimes that occurred within the incorporated city of Washougal. Using this online citizen police reporting system allows you to submit a report immediately to the Washougal Police Department. The following conditions must be met to be eligible for online reporting: 

If you answer NO to all of the following questions, you may file your report online. 

• Is this an emergency? If so, dial 911.
• Did the incident happen outside the city limits of Washougal? Click Here if unsure you are in the city limits of Washougal.
• Do you know the suspect(s) or where to find the suspect(s) who committed the crime?
• Do you know the license plate number of the vehicle the suspect(s) were in?
• Did the incident occur on a state highway?
• Did the incident involve firearms (used by a suspect or taken in a theft)?
• Did the incident involve theft of a motor vehicle or licensed trailer?

If you answered YES to any of the questions, please refer to our frequently asked questions for more information on filing a report.

Animal Control


Use this form to submit a complaint regarding a member of the Police Department. DO NOT REPORT CRIMES HERE. PLEASE CALL 311 FOR NON-EMERGENCIES OR 911 FOR EMERGENCIES.

Public Works

Use this form to submit questions, identify an issue, or report a concern regarding streets, including regulatory signage, and city infrastructure. Your request will be reviewed by city Public Works staff during regular business hours.

Utility billing


If your inquiry is in regards to a bill please go to Utility Billing for contact info and frequently asked questions. If you would like to ask the City a Question or Make a Comment on another matter you can call City Hall at 360-835-8501 or Submit Form.