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Utility Rate Study Citizen Advisory Committee Application

  1. Description

    The City of Washougal’s Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining and operating water, wastewater, and stormwater systems. The City is conducting a rate study to establish a rate plan that will adequately fund the three utilities for the next five years (2024-2028) so that the City can continue to supply drinking water, treat wastewater, and manage stormwater for the community.

  2. Committee Role

    The City is convening a Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) that will represent a cross section of community members, including single and multi-family residential, business, commercial, and agricultural. The CAC will act as a sounding board throughout the study and will be involved with the review and analysis of up to four proposed rate options. The CAC will consist of 8-12 people, will meet up to five times during the study (typically 2-hour meetings in the evening) and will be asked to do their best to represent the community as a whole. The CAC is not a decision-making body; its purpose is to ask questions, discuss rate study topics, provide advice to the city, and make recommendations regarding rate options.

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