Why are correction crews working in Hartwood and is that safe?

All cities utilize correction crews to help with routine maintenance in parks. The corrections crews are made up of minor offense criminals and always have a sheriff on site.

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1. Where is Hartwood Park?
2. Why is a disc golf course being built at Hartwood Park?
3. What are the City’s goals for the disc golf course project?
4. How can the neighbors and the community provide comments?
5. Why wasn’t the community surveyed or asked if they wanted a disc golf course?
6. What is the City going to do about discs that fly over the green belt into neighborhood driveways and yards?
7. People have been seen going through the bushes and greenway with machetes to cut away to get to their lost discs. Neighbors are concerned over the safety. What is the City doing to mitigate this issue
8. This area used to be a nice walking path, is that still going to be the focus?
9. Neighbors have noticed rowdiness, people cussing and consuming alcohol while playing at the course. What is the City doing to get more control over the park?
10. There are not enough spaces for the large amount of people this would bring in and people have been parking in neighborhoods. Where will people park who are playing the disc golf course?
11. When will I get to see the layout of the disc golf course?
12. Why is the City cutting up the wetland areas?
13. Why are correction crews working in Hartwood and is that safe?
14. Why is Hartwood/Campen Creek Bridge closed?
15. Why are people working in the wetland buffer zone?