Upcoming Roadwork: Grind/Inlay Oct. 30-Nov. 3


Starting Monday, October 30*, the City will have a contractor begin the grind/inlay and overlay project on several streets. Affected homes and businesses will be notified by the placement of ‘No Parking’ signage at least 24 hours in advance by the contactor.

*Work dates are subject to weather and could change. Please stay tuned for updates on the project schedule.


  • Grind/inlay involves grinding areas of pavement failure to a depth of 2-3” and pouring new asphalt in place. The new asphalt must be compacted and allowed to cool prior to letting traffic on it.

Our goal is to minimize any inconvenience this work might cause. Thank you for your patience as we complete this important pavement management project.

Grind/Inlay Project - Week of 10/30*
6th Street (South of railroad), 18th (E St to G St), 15th Street (I St to K St)Monday, October 30
20th Street (C St to I St) and G Street (20th St to Washougal River Rd)Tuesday, October 31
34th Street (Evergreen to Gause) and Q St (32nd St to 33rd St)Wednesday, November 1
Steamboat (south of SR-14), 23rd (E St to G St), and S & T Circles (off of 39th St)Thursday, November 2
N 18th (Washougal River Road to Woodburn), 21st Street (E St to G St), and I St.Friday, November 3
*Work dates are subject to weather and could change. 


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