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The City of Washougal extends an invitation for individuals to deliver a brief one-minute invocation at the start of city council meetings. The invocation is offered for the benefit of the Council and is meant to add solemnity to the meetings and seek wisdom and guidance for the Council as they engage in critical issues that affect Washougal residents. 

Council meetings take place on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at 7pm. Meetings are taking place virtually via Zoom until further notice.

2022 City Council Meetings

Jan. 10
Jan. 24
Feb. 14
Feb. 28
Mar. 14
Mar. 28
Apr. 11
Apr. 25
May 9
May 23
Jun. 13
Jun. 27
Jul. 11
Jul. 25
Aug. 8
Aug. 22
Sep. 12
Sep. 26
Oct. 10
Oct. 24
Nov. 14
Nov. 28
Dec. 12
Dec. 26

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Council Meeting Invocation Procedures

  1. There shall be available one invocation on the agenda at each regular City Council meeting preceding all legislative business, which invocation should not exceed sixty (60) seconds. The invocation is offered for the benefit of the Council and is meant to add solemnity to the meetings and seek wisdom and guidance for the Council as the Council engages in critical issues that affect Washougal residents. A group or individual having no religious affiliation may offer a brief statement to reflect on the gravity of the moment, seek peace for the nation, wisdom for its lawmakers, and justice for its people, or generally appeal to universal values of our country.
  2. All invocations or other statements shall be positive, inspirational and uplifting and are not an opportunity to disparage other people, organizations, or beliefs. No invocation shall be used to lobby or request funding or support.
  3. Any person may volunteer to provide an invocation.
  4. Invocations shall be scheduled on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis, except as described below for repeat participants. 
  5. Anyone interested in providing an invocation may contact the City Clerk to be placed on the calendar.
  6. The person who will be providing the invocation must be the one who contacts the City Clerk to sign up.   A third party may not sign up others to provide an invocation.
  7. To allow opportunity for persons of different beliefs to participate, preference shall be given to persons who have not yet given an invocation over persons who have already done so. An individual may not provide an invocation more than once per quarter.
  8. The name of the person providing the invocation shall be placed on the agenda, unless the person does not wish to be listed.
  9. To avoid the appearance of establishing or promoting a certain religion or belief, if a city employee or elected city official desires to provide an invocation, the agenda shall state the following near his/her name on the agenda: “Mr/Ms. [name] is delivering the invocation today in his/her capacity as a private citizen, and not in his/her official position as a city employee/elected city official.”
  10. No city employee, elected city official, or anyone else in attendance shall be required to participate in an invocation.
  11. No city employee or elected city official shall screen, inquire about, or prescribe the content of invocations to be given.
  12. No city employee, elected official or attendee shall be required to stand during an invocation. Persons scheduled to provide an invocation shall be informed that they should not request that those present at the meeting stand for the invocation.
  13. No compensation shall be given for providing an invocation, nor shall any fee be required to participate.