The Washougal Memorial Cemetery provides the largest public burial grounds in Washougal. The Sons of David Shepherd operated and maintained the earliest graves, known as the “Pioneer Cemetery” – now referred to as “Section A”. Management by Lodge Number 194 of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) reflected this name change and expanded the grounds to add “Section B”.

Citizens successfully petitioned for the City of Washougal to assume ownership of the IOOF cemetery in December of 1944. The City of Washougal added five “open” sections for internment with expanded burial options and looks forward to future expansion. To this day, the City of Washougal Clerk’s Office and Public Works Department perform all functions of management, development, and operations of the Washougal Memorial Cemetery. 

The Cemetery grounds consist of approximately 12.9 acres. When fully utilized, the Cemetery will contain nearly 8,000 full burial locations. Both one full burial and three cremain burials OR four cremain burials are allowed on each adult lot, providing an economical burial option for families. Cremain niches, individual cremain lots, and a Cremain Memorial Garden meet the needs for those who select an alternative to full burial. The Washougal Memorial Cemetery also offers child and infant burial lots. 

Funding for the Cemetery comes from private donations and fees paid for services. 85% of monies from the sale of lots goes into the Cemetery Operations & Maintenance Fund, the remaining 15% goes into Capital Expenditures. The Perpetual Care Fee will cover the future maintenance of the Cemetery.  

The Washougal Cemetery is an important historic site in Washougal. The Cemetery is in a beautiful area of Washougal overlooking mountains and trees. It is a peaceful resting place for loved ones and has a majestic quiet place for reflection.