Cremain Memorial Garden

The Cremain Memorial Garden provides the Washougal Memorial Cemetery’s most economical and environmentally friendly burial option. The cremain garden provides the only “all inclusive” option for those who have chosen cremation. Costs include burial and a name plaque on the Memorial Stone at the center of the garden.

A “cremain garden” is a special area set aside in the cemetery in which cremated remains, either uncontained or in an acceptable biodegradable urn may be placed directly in the ground.   The cemetery staff will make an opening in the ground into which the cremated remains will be placed and then buried.  The cremated remains are not recoverable once placed and no exact map is kept of precisely where in the garden the remains are located.  However, a burial permit recording all funeral information will be kept by the City and a memorial name marker will be added to the Memorial Stone.

The Washougal Memorial Cemetery recently instituted changes to the ordinances governing “ash” burial in the Cremain Memorial Garden. Biodegradable urns are now permitted for this burial option IF the containers meet the following criteria:

  • Must be no greater than 12 inches in any dimension
  • Must be designed to decompose fully within a 12-month period after burial
  • Must be made of uncoated, non-toxic plant fibers or recycled cast paper


These pulp-based urns contain no metal, wood, or plastic components and are sealed with environmentally friendly glue.  This allows for gradual and full decomposition of ashes into the earth in an ecologically friendly manner.

The Cremain Memorial Garden package price includes memorial ceremony set up of tent and chairs. While this service is optional, the price is not discounted for omitting a ceremony.   Staff shall bury ashes contained in an approved package or deposit ashes directly into the garden as a part of the ceremony or privately afterward. Washougal Memorial Cemetery staff shall not transfer ashes from one container to another.

Grave markers/headstones are not allowed in the garden area.  Each person interred in the Cremain Memorial Garden will have a name plaque placed on the memorial stone in the center of the area.  All plaques placed on the memorial stone are only for those buried within the cremain garden. At this time the Washougal Memorial Cemetery does not have a memory wall for tributes to individuals buried elsewhere.