Volunteer Events

Headstone Cleanup Event

Regular maintenance can leave buildup of grass clippings and leaves on markers, which contribute to moss. Volunteers can help by simply brooming off loose materials. This work can be done at any time, but most appreciated during Memorial Day preparations. 

Litter / Weed Collection 

Conduct a litter pick up to remove weeds, trash, twigs, cigarette butts, etc. Fall or Spring event

Do you see a project that needs to be done in our Cemetery? Let us know! Maybe it can fit into a service project for you or your organization!

Please Note: All volunteers are required to sign a liability waiver prior to work. Preferred work schedule is during Washougal Parks Department business hours: M-F 8am – 4:30pm. For questions on these projects and other ways to volunteer in the City of Washougal, call 360.835.8501 x 201.