Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit

The City of Washougal is now accepting applications for temporary outdoor dining permits that will allow restaurants to increase seating capacity to accommodate new social distancing guidelines and requirements for reopening. It was established to address circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic and to help reduce the economic hardship to businesses caused by this crisis and encourage businesses to comply fully with public health guidelines. It is valid for a period not to exceed 90 days from full execution by the City, unless extended in writing by the City; or 30 days from the date that the restrictions pertaining to restaurant operations contained within Governor Inslee’s Executive Orders, as amended, are lifted, whichever occurs sooner.

The temporary outdoor dining permit is intended for restaurants to be able to use either the sidewalk or some of their on-site parking for temporary dining accommodations. There is no fee associated with this permit but several conditions must be met for the permit to be issued.

Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit Application Process

  1. Review Temporary Outdoor Seating Design Standards
  2. Complete documents
    1. Temporary Outdoor Dining Application
    2. Required attachments
      1. Site plan (details within application packet)
      2. If requesting a location on City-owned property: A Certificate of Insurance showing that the City of Washougal and its employees, volunteers, and agents have been named as additional insureds to applicant’s Commercial General Liability Insurance and, if applicable, Liquor Liability Insurance.
      3. If requesting a location on City-owned property: Please execute the Temporary Outdoor Dining Use Agreement [EXHIBIT D in application packet]
  3. Submit documents
    1. Via email:
    2. Via mail:
      City of Washougal
      Attn: Jessica Herceg – TOD
      1701 C Street
      Washougal, WA 98671
  1. Staff will conduct a site visit (if necessary)
  2. Application will be processed within 2 business days
  3. The permit will be issued and emailed to the applicant

Submit any questions to: 
Jessica Herceg, City Planner