Comprehensive Plan

In 1990, the Washington State Legislature found that uncoordinated and unplanned growth, together with a lack of common goals that expressed the public's interest in the conservation and the wise use of our lands, posed a threat to the environment, sustainable economic development, and the health, safety, and high quality of life enjoyed by residents of the state.

In addition, the found that it is in the public interest that citizens, communities, local governments, and the private sector cooperate and coordinate with one another in comprehensive land use planning. Further, the legislature found that it is in the public interest that economic development programs be shared with communities experiencing insufficient economic growth. The Growth Management Act also required counties and cities to periodically update their plans.

Updating Our Comprehensive Plan

In mid-2013 Clark County and the cities within its boundary, including Washougal, began the mandatory updates to our Comprehensive Plans. As part of this process the Board of County Councilors adopted a 2035 population projection of 562,207 for all of Clark County (22,347 for Washougal). This figure exceeded the estimated 2024 population previously adopted under the 2007 plan by over 22,000. This meant that, in order to accommodate population, no expansions to Urban Growth Boundaries were necessary. Based on this fact, in February of 2014, the Washougal City Council determined that an expansion to our Urban Growth Boundary was not necessary, or any other changes, and this update would be limited to a statistical update of information.

On June 27, 2016, the Washougal City Council approved Ordinance 1798 adopting the 2015-2035 Comprehensive Plan in compliance with the Washington State Growth Management Act.

2015 to 2035 Comprehensive Plan

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