Public Right-of-Way Permit Applications

Right-of-Way (ROW) Permits allow residents, organizations, local businesses, contractors and utility companies the use of public streets, sidewalks, and alleys for purposes other than the usual automobile, pedestrian or bicycle traffic.

Some examples would be:

  • Commercial construction
  • Connection or repair of existing utilities, or installation of new utilities
  • Landscaping
  • POD, trailer, or oversized dumpster placement within the public right-of-way
  • Subdivision or housing construction

Application Form

Please help us to assist you by filling out the applicable Application Form completely and legibly. Incomplete or unreadable applications will be returned to the applicant for compliance.

Permit Types

Permits are typed as follows:

  • Construction Permit – New Single or Multi-Family Construction, Utility Connections, Concrete Work – this is a long term permit and it is often issued in conjunction with a City Building Permit
  • Obstruction Permit – POD or Dumpster or Construction Trailers placed in City Streets or on City sidewalks – this is a short term permit with a defined time limit


The City’s Right-of-Way Permit fees are for permit application processing and are therefore payable in advance. These fees are non-refundable and do not guarantee an approved permit. The standard application fee is $50. Additional fees may be charged in accordance with applicant’s requests for City equipment or staff time and will be assessed on an as needed basis.

City Engineering Inspections

Inspection and Engineering staff will review the applications to ensure that all permit requests are in compliance with local and State requirements. View copies of the City Engineering Standards (PDF) and Engineering Standard Details (PDF).

Insurance or bonding documentation must be attached to all street cut and sewer requests. (See WMC 12.30.050.)

Traffic Control

 A Traffic Control Plan will be required for any project encroaching upon or obstructing the public right-of-way in such a manner that it could create safety hazards or generate traffic congestion or traffic flow revisions.

As of June 20, 2011, in accordance with Resolution No. 1031, any and all requests for cuts on “E” Street shall be evaluated by the City on a case-by-case basis by the Director of Public Works. Every alternative engineering plan shall be exhausted prior to requesting permission to open or cut pavement on “E” Street.

Contact Us

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