Utility Rates

View the Water, Sewer, and Stormwater Utility Rates, Effective January 1, 2019 (PDF).

Capital Projects

If you have questions about utility rates as it relates to capital projects in the water, sewer, and stormwater utilities, please call 360-835-8501, ext. 204.

Utility Rate Study Process

Utility rates originally increased in 2010 due to the results of a Comprehensive Utility Rate Study (PDF). Since the original study, the City has made a concentrated effort to look at the needs of the Utilities to determine how utility rates could be stabilized while continuing to meet financial obligations, comply with legal requirements, maintain level of service, and adhere to industry best practices. As a result of this effort the City was able to approve a rate structure for five years (2019 to 2023).

In the Water portion of the Utility Bill, the base water allowance will continue decrease by one unit per year from the original 10 units (7,480 gallons bimonthly) in 2014 down to zero units (zero gallons bimonthly) in 2023, allowing residents to control to lower bills by conserving water and only paying for what they use on top of the base charge.

  • 2019: The water base allowance decreases from 5 units (3,740 gallons bimonthly) to 4 units (2,992 gallons bimonthly).
  • 2020: The water base allowance decreases from 4 units (2,992 gallons bimonthly) to 3 units (2,244 gallons bimonthly).
  • 2021: The water base allowance decreases from 3 units (2,244 gallons bimonthly) to 2 units (1,496 gallons bimonthly).
  • 2022: The water base allowance decreases from 2 units (1,496 gallons bimonthly) to 1 unit (748 gallons bimonthly).
  • 2023: The water base allowance decreases from 1 unit (748 gallons bimonthly) to zero units (zero gallons bimonthly).

Utility Rate Notices

View Most Recent Utility Rate Notice (PDF) | View Past Notices