The Police Department is made up of three divisions: Patrol, Investigations and K9. Patrol officers respond to 911 dispatch calls and provide traffic enforcement in the City. Detectives investigate more involved and or serious crimes. Our K9 unit provides drug and people searches in the City and also serves as one of the K9 SWAT units. The Police department also issues concealed pistol licenses, provides fingerprinting services, and accepts prescription or over the counter (OTC) drugs for disposal.

Animal Control Services are provided by the Washougal Police Department. Two Animal Control Officer's (ACO) provide animal control services to both Camas and Washougal. ACO's routinely patrol both cities and officers investigate animal abuse, barking, loose dogs, dog bites, and vicious dog complaints.

Annual Reports

Police Annual Reports are available online. As we work to enhance our performance reporting city-wide, we will update this page with future reports and additional information.