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Building Forms

Demolition Permit Application
General Information
Garage, Shed, Accessory Structures
General Information
Manufactured Homes
Manufactured Homes Permit Application
Mechanical-Residential and Commercial
Mechanical Permit Application
New Commercial Construction

Commercial Code Check list (new construction)

Commercial Building Permit Application

New Single Family Residences (NSFR)
New Single Family Residences Permit Application
Plumbing-Residential and Commercial
Plumbing-Residential and Commercial Permit Application
Basic Plumbing Information
Final Plumbing Checklist
Rough-in Plumbing Checklist
Retaining Walls
Addition/Repair Permit Application
Sign Permits
More Permits
Occupancy Request For Commercial, Business, And Indust. 
Permit Transfer Request
Tenant Improvement Building Permit Application 
Lawn Sprinkler Permit Application
Occupancy Permit Application
Reroof/Residing Permit Application
Swimming Pool Permit Application

Finance Forms

Dog License Application
Provide rabies shot certificate and a check for the license and tag.

Authorization For Automatic Utility Billing Payment
Authorization Agreement with the City including a "Frequently Asked Questions" section. Complete the form and submit to City Hall.

Business License
All businesses are required to submit this form along with annual dues of $25. Prior to final approval and issuance Fire and Planning will consult with other departments to ensure compliance.
Click here to begin your on-line application process for a Business License within the Washougal city limits.
Business License Requirements
Ordinance 1709


Claim for Damages
Pursuant to Chapter 4.96 RCW, this form is for filing a claim for damages against the City of Washougal

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Community Room Rental Form
Mail or deliver the completed form to the cashier along with the fee and deposit. Fees within city limits is $40 and outside of City limits is $50. Cleaning deposit (refundable) of $125. Kitchen use is an additional $30. Pick up the key one to two business days in advance of rental during regular business hours.


Hotel/Motel Tax Funding Information and Application
Public Records Request Form
Complete the form and submit to CityHall.

Solicitor License
Complete the form and submit to the Police Department. Application . Autorization Release Form                              

Whistle Blower Report Form
The Whistleblower Act changed in June 2008. All state employees may now report assertions to any state agency. All state agencies are required to designate at least one employee to accept assertions, document them and report them to the Washington State Auditor’s Office within 15 days

Miscellaneous Forms

Planning Forms
Appeal Review
Boundary Line Adjustment
Civil Engineering Plan Submittal Application
Conditional Use Permit
Final Plat Application
SEPA Environmental Checklist
Grading Permit
Home Occupation Permit
Legal Lot Determination
Political Sign Placement Form

Master Plan
Plan Amendment
Plat Alteration
Pre-Application - Master Plan
Pre-Application - Plan Amendment
Planned Unit Development
Road Modification
Shoreline Permit
Shoreline Exemption Permit

Short Plat
Site Plan - Final
Site Plan Review - Sign
Site Plan Review - Type I
Site Plan Review - Type II
Temporary Use
Variance - Administrative
Variance - Full
Wetland Permit
Woodburn Hill Subarea Conditional Use Permit
Woodburn Hill Subarea Preliminary Subdivision
Planning Information and Fees
Planning Fees
Impact Fee Sheet
New Business or Relocation of Existing Business
Shoreline Mangement Master Program 1974

Public Works Forms

2013 Small Works & Consultant Rosters

View PDF

View Word doc

E-Verify Declaration For Contractors & Consultants

Grading Permit Application
The Planning Department and Public Works Department has the responsibility to assure that grading and filling activities are safely conducted, and regulates such activities through grading permits.

Park Picnic Form
Use this form for scheduling a picnic in a Washougal City Park facility. This form does NOT secure a reservation. It is for Parks Department information and customer service.

Public Right of Way Permit Applications
Right of Way permits allow reisdents, organizations, local businesses, conractors and utility companies the use of public streets, sidewalks and alleys for purposes other than the usual automobile, pedestrian or bicycle traffic.  Permits are now typed as follows:

- Construction Permit – New Single or Multi-Family Construction, Utility Connections, Concrete Work – this is a long term permit and it is often issued in conjunction with a City Building Permit.

- Obstruction Permit – POD or Dumpster or Construction Trailers placed in City Streets or on City sidewalks – this is a short term permit with a defined time limit.

Pre-Approved Inspectors List
Public Work's Annual Backflow Device letters indicate that residential devices will need to be inspected.

Report Streetlight Outage
Report street light outages

Road Modification TYPE I Review
This packet provides the information and forms necessary for a Road Modification Review.

Special Event Form
Use this form to request the use of a city property or roadway for a Special Event. This form should be used for large public events that involve road closures, traffic revisions, amplified music, concession stands, etc. Activities requiring this form must be approved through the City of Washougal Administrative Team.

Water/Sewer Connection Application
New 2014 Application form for request to connect to City water, sewer and stormwater utilities. This form supersedes all previous editions. 



 Utility Billing Forms

Application for Senior Reduced Sewer and Stormwater

Automatic Utility Billing

Damage Release Waiver

Direct Renter Billing Form

Hydrant Meter Rental Form

Owner Authorization to Turn Services Off

Property Manager Authorization Form

Water Leak Adjustment 

Emergency Utility Assistance

Program Requirements

Application Form

Donation Form


City Council Resources

Council Directory

City Hall: (360) 835-8501

Brent Boger
Council Position 1
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Extension 111

Michelle Wagner
Council Position 2
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Extension 113

Paul Greenlee
Council Position 3
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Extension 116

Joyce Lindsay
Council Position 4
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Extension 117

Jennifer McDaniel
Council Position 5
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Extension 112

Dave Shoemaker
Council Position 6
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Extension 115

Connie Jo Freeman
Council Position 7
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Extension 114

Invocation Resolution 1095

Those interested in delivering an invocation during an upcoming City Council meeting can contact Rose Jewell at 835.8501 ext. 602.  

Invocation procedures are attached to Resolution 1095 as Exhibit A. 

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