Stevenson Off Leash Dog Park


Bring your licensed dog to the Stevenson Off-Leash Dog Area located at 2801 Addy Street.  The City of Washougal, the Stevenson Family, Dog Paw, and Bimart partnered to develop East County’s first off leash dog park.  This 7-acre site has both a large dog and a small/shy dog area, information kiosk, and doggy drinking fountain for both areas!  Enjoy a stroll on the path while your pooch frolics with new friends. The City of Washougal Parks Department requests that users of this off-leash park respect the Bimart Corporation premises.  No street parking.  No unleashed dogs outside of the fence, pick up all waste and trash, and use areas designated for pedestrians. Bimart graciously allows the use of their parking facility and we hope for a continued mutually beneficial relationship.

This site is LEASED from the Stevenson Family.  Please enjoy AND respect this property while it is offered to us.  Be aware that the future may bring commercial development to this site and our off-leash facility will need to find a new home.  While Washougal has discussed future cooperative efforts with Camas, the Washougal Parks manager is interested in hearing your ideas for future sites.  Please contact Suzanne Grover at 360-835-2662 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please adhere to the following rules and regulations while visiting this park:

Rules and Regulations

Park Map:
Stevenson Ranch Map
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Bench at Dog Park
Memorialize your beloved friend at the Stevenson Off-Lease Dog Area.  $300 donations provide the park with a bench adorned with two placards.  One placard states the donor's name; the second placard may be personalized with the donor's choice of a name of pet, family member, or other wording.  For more information, contact Dog Paw at 888-899-0025


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