Stormwater and the City of Washougal

The City of Washougal has developed a comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP), outlining the City's efforts to prevent stormwater pollution and minimize runoff. Generally, the SWMP has five components: public education, public outreach and involvement, the formation of an illicit dumping elimination program, modified regulations for new and redevelopment and construction, as well as a pollution prevention program to be implemented within City operations. Currently, the City is responsible for the maintenance of 1500 catch basins and 25 detention ponds. Washougal's unique location on the banks of the Columbia River makes it extremely important that stormwater runoff be adequately treated and discharged in the cleanest form possible. The Columbia is not only comprised of the water that runs between its banks, but also of all the water that enters from the communities that line its shores. Working together, the City of Washougal and its community can improve the quality of our valuable water resources, ensuring availability to future generations.


 To Report Stormwater Pollution: 

Call (360) 835-2662

After Hours Call

(360) 696-0777


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